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Today, oilfield service firms are striving to offer their clients more efficient services, better operational effectiveness and greater value than ever before. Enerflow Industries is proud to offer you the competitive advantage of custom built oil service equipment using what we believe to be the industry's most advanced control system.

Many service companies look to Enerflow Industries for engineering, fabrication and timely delivery of essential oilfield equipment, along with an extensive list of value-added services.

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          ESR-550 Service Rig



The ESR-550 meets European Road and Highway specifications. Powered by a high-horsepower engine with noise reduction.   

This Rig features full CE certification and ATEX compliance for deployment in Europe.  State of the art double stage telescopic mast with API 4F monogram.  New custom double drum drawworks featuring band and disc brakes as well as circulating main drum band brake. 

Hydraulic /pneumatic control system with advanced electronic block proximity sensing and safety overrides fro crown-out, engine shut down and BOP remote operation.

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Oilfield equipment fabrication is a demanding, fast-paced business, especially when it’s done with the passion and attention to detail that Enerflow is known for. For people with the right skills, attitude and ambition, this could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Find out more: click here.

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